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What's New @ Netty's?

We are currently transitioning from having multiple of our client's keys on file, to keeping your keys on site with a lock box or anything else you feel comfortable.

The benefits of doing it that way, would be:

  • Your key will never leave your home.
  • With short notice service requests we are more likely to fit your visit in our schedule, if we don't have to drive across town to collect the key from our office.
  • We also won't have to drive around collecting any keys in the event of an emergency within our team. 
  • You are in control of the location of the lock box, as well as the code, and can change it any time you like.
  • You may find it helpful to have a lock box for other purposes, like a baby sitter, cleaning lady, in an emergency have a friend or neighbor stop by your house, when you accidentally lock yourself out or loose your keys, and so much more.

We are planing to have no more client keys in our possession by June 1st, 2017.

If you are an existing client and we have your keys on file, we are happy to return them to you, either before your next scheduled visits, or at our next visit with your pet. Please let us know what works for you.

Once you have purchased a lock box set it up for us, please let us know the location and code, so we can update our file.

We don't recommend using a push button lock box, as the code numbers can be entered in any order to open the lock box.

Since occasionally we experience issues with garage code pads, we suggest leaving a lock box for us as a back up as well.

If you don't leave the lock box out for us permanently, please remember to put it up on days you scheduled a visit with us. We will remind you in our confirmations, as well as the pet sitting forms.

Netty's Tail Waggin' Pet Services is now also proud to serve it's clients with one of the best Pet Supplements on today's market. 

NuVet Supplements have been on the market since 1997, plus spent an additional 8 years developing their products with a team of top scientists, veterinarians and pet professionals.

I very much agree with their holistic approach to Pet Health and their Well Being.

For more information, please click on our Supplement Tab

Coming Soon ...

A Facebook page is in the works where we share daily news and pictures of our pets with clients, current and past pet sitters, friends and other animal nuts. ; )

Fairly soon we will accept credit card payments.

And how about the possibility of you scheduling your pet visits online?


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